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      • NW俄克拉荷马市,俄克拉荷马城,OK 73116
      • (405) 297-2756 | 访问网站
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      鸟类观察者宝藏湖休纳作为俄克拉荷马州中部最佳地点之一。在通过美国的年度迁移期间,数十种水鸟沿着17英里海岸线停止's central flyway. Lake Hefner is an excellent lake for sailing and weekend sailboat races are held from April to October. Facilities for picnicking and fishing also are available. No camping or swimming allowed. The Oklahoma City Boat Club is located on the east shore of Lake Hefner. This members-only club is associated with the U.S. Yacht Racing Union and the Central State Sailing Association. The club hosts several open charity regattas and conducts races open to the public. Surrounding parks offer sports fields, playgrounds, picnic facilities, golf and extensive walk/run/bike trails.


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